How Shaz Shafiq Went From Being a Broke Graduate To Owning Successful Businesses Scaling to Over $1 Million!

Hi, my name is Shaz Shafiq and I’d like to share my story with you of going from a broke university graduate that had 3 jobs to survive, to owning multiple successful businesses.

I grew up in a small town in UK called Rochdale. Hardly anyone from this town ever got out, let alone achieved anything great. It was my goal to be the exception to the rule but I just never knew how.

A career timeline tells you a lot about someone, so here it is:

What’s Happening Today?

I am proud that we have created program that has created hundreds of top earners that were total beginners.

We also have a program that takes experts and teaches them how to position themselves in the market so they can get headhunted for high end (£700+ per day) contracts.

I can say that I am truly blessed. I can tell you that as someone who’s come from humble beginnings, who thought they would never amount to anything but hoped they would….

As someone that always wanted more and never thought to stop reaching for the stars…. This is totally possible.

I know because it happened to me.

What About You?

If after reading this, you believe my company can help you grow your career, and replicate what my students and I have done….

Consider looking at one of our programs. Book an application call with my team today and we’ll talk you through the entire process on how we can potentially take you from your existing career into the exciting world of business transformation.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Book Your Free Career Strategy Call
Book Your Free Career Strategy Call

After taking time out of the industry for personal reasons, I felt it essential to take stock of my career and see what direction my career could take. I approached Shaz, who greeted me with warm enthusiasm and has made invaluable suggestions that have not only allowed me to reframe my perspective of job hunting but has also seen me succeeding in securing my first contract. I would recommend Shaz to anyone who feels a little lost in career progression, whether returning to the industry or beginning a new journey

Conrad H. | Business Analyst, Chester, England, United Kingdom

Shaz and the team have been excellent. They helped me with a career change , coming from the IT Recruitment industry, I really wanted to become an IT Project Manager and here I am! Not only did TLA provide me with real life project experience, but they provided me with continuous support with my CV, interview preperations and general advice on how quickly I could make the change. With all credit to the TLA team it took me just 2 months to make a complete transition , passing my exams and accepting a job offer.

Faran Kalra | Prince2 Certified IT Project Manager, Solihull, United Kingdom

I highly recommend Shaz and his team . I followed your blue print to securing a BA Job and landed 2 high profile roles within 2 months of starting the programme. The beauty of it all is that they carter for everybody regardless of where one is on their career ladder. From beginner to already experienced but looking for that cutting edge, Shaz and team will sort you out. . Thanks Shaz and crew. You’ve been awesome!

Lloyd Kashimba | Project Business Systems Consultant, Greater London, United Kingdom