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Shaz Shafiq is a renowned and respected Career Strategist & Coach. As a successful entrepreneur and authority on Fast Tracking Your Career, Shaz’s ongoing mission is in supporting others in developing their own Career through Contracting and Business.

After a difficult start in life, growing up with no guidance and with little to no financial resources, Shaz discovered that a lack of resources, was less important than an attitude of resourcefulness, coupled with a strong mindset of possibility & good old hard work.

From a standing start, with no funds, no experience, and no track record, Shaz managed to secure a £150k contract by the age of 25, working for the top 4 accounting firms in the world. Shaz has also been responsible for helping countless others, including many prominent and well-known people in Business Transformation, become full-time Business Analysts.
Whether through Shaz’s free resources online or by helping you transform your Career in Banking & Finance, through coaching or mentoring, Shaz hopes to help you live a full expression of yourself, & discover your own power & capabilities.

At the age of 27, Shaz decided to leave the corporate environment and join the Pitman Training Brand, where Shaz acquired two Pitman Training Centres in Liverpool & Warrington and Co-Founded Transform Learning Academy, so he can continue to follow his passion and help fast track people’s careers.

We have helped over ONE MILLION professionals land their dream role.

We are accredited by BCS, City & Guilds, OCR, IAB, AAT, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, CompTIA & European Social Fund.

I have successfully coached clients from...

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Who do I work with?


From Graduates to MBAs + PHDS


From early stage career professionals to managers


For leaders, Directors and Board level


Training for Companies and teams in a range of topics, Contact me to find out more…

How I Can Help You Fast Track Your Career?

  • Get a new job or contract
  • Launch your new career
  • Upskill and change your career
  • Get noticed and get promoted

Dean White

Regulatory Business Analyst

Shaz and his team have been absolutely incredible to work with! He has been an incredible mentor and it’s been an absolute pleasure to have learnt so much from him. I have just secured multiple job offers and
finally secured a Regulatory Business Analyst role within the Banking and Finance Industry.

Let’s Get Started?

We have 3 training and coaching packages designed to equip you with the
necessary skills to land your dream career.

Fast Track
Application Course

Learn how to apply for jobs and contracts like the professionals, by getting headhunted.
You will learn how to construct your CV, Linkedin and Covering Letter using the Fast Track Formula.

(with Job Placement Support)

– Business Analysis
– Project Management
– MI & Data Analysis
– Cyber Security
– Book Keeping & Accounts

Fast Track Coaching

I will coach, upskill and guide you to earning £60k+ a year. You and I will chat via phone or video call as frequently or infrequently as you like.

Don’t just take our word for it...

Daniel McDermott

Shaz’s skills and experience as a career strategist are unparalleled within the industry. I have been working with him over the last few months in an effort to increase my exposure to projects within the field of data migration. With his guidance, I was able to improve on my existing skills as a Project Manager […]

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Usman Ashfaq

I was lost in my career, until I sat with Shaz, which brought clarity and focus in my career. I joined Shaz on his coaching programme and ever since it has paid back dividends, by age 21 I have managed to secure a £93k contract within Financial Crime. […]

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Patrick Giwa

Shaz and his team are fantastic at what they do! I went to Shaz and his team for support with taking my Business Analysis career to the next level. The training was top notch but most importantly was the support after the training. From CV review to a Linkedin makeover and job recommendations, I got […]

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Daniel Ojile

I was directed to Shaz when I was transitioning between a BA contract and at the same time keen to keep updating my skills. Shaz was very professional and very rounded on the dynamics of upskilling and job placement. I was able to leverage his knowledge to secure another placement. I would highly recommend Shaz. […]

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book a free career strategy call

after which we will decide together on the best course of action.

10X your Career by landing multiple opportunities and getting headhunted for work.