Suber Hassan

Mini-Bus Driver

” I was working as a mini bus driver when i stumbled across Transform Learning Academy on Instragram. They helped me to become a BA ” Like most graduates, he was asked by recruiters to have relevant work experience – which he simply didn’t have.

Joanne Townsend

PPI Complaint Manager

” I really loved the 2 day course with TLA” Joanne recently completed her 2 day BA training with our expert trainer – Raj. Hear how she found the programme

Sagar Shah

Redress Case Handler

” I was working in complaints and wanted to make a change. TLA helped me to double my income as a business analyst!” He used a lot of the tools and techniques he learned to tweak his CV. This gave some in amazing results


Job Centre Advisor

Adil was striving to make a better life for himself. He moved from job to job, mostly working in sales. He decided to enroll in the business analysis programme to assist his career switch.

Muhammed Hassan

Software Tester

Muhammed has been looking to make a switch from software testing into business analysis. He came on our 2 day course ran by expert trainer Ayo and loved the content. Listen to his review here.

Blerina Rrapushi

Finance Manager

“I got promoted into a business analysis role after completing the programme with TLA! Shortly after the 3 months were completed, I was promoted into an analysis role with the firm. The course gave the me confidence I needed to succeed in my existing job “

Urfan Suleman

Operations Manager

” I learned so much from Raj and the team!! I have to say it has been absolutely brilliant, well worth it. The trainer, Raj was very knowledgeable! “

Jeffry Afujo

Sales Executive

” The training has been fantastic, the trainer was really knowledgeable! I would recommend it to some who is looking to break into the business analysis role. They are very detailed in the services they provide.”

Sully Sarwar

SAP Analyst

” I loved the 2 day course! They helped me understand what a BA does and what the role entails. The facilities were really good, it was an overwhelmingly good experience! If you’re stuck in your career and looking to make a change, I would highly recommend TLA “