Fast Track



Are you struggling to find work? Or maybe you have hit a brick wall and looking to take your career to the next level?

Whatever the situation may be…

I can help you break down those barriers and help you take your career to the

next level.

This Fast Track Coaching Programme is for you if:

  • You are junior to a senior level professional who has been on the market hunting for a new job for at least a couple of months.
  • You’re bored of the job you are in, you are not learning and feel you have now hit a brick wall in your career.
  • You want to gain exposure into another field but just don’t know how…
  • You know you can do the job and you know you have all the experience, but just don’t know how to sell yourself…
  • You want to know the step by step technique on how land multiple job offers and always be in demand for more work…
  • You want to learn how to build the right relationships in your career so you can gain more longevity in your contracts or jobs.
  • You understand that the only way to climb the ranks is by getting out of your comfort zone and investing in yourself.

It is time to seek professional help to Fast Track your career to the next level.

I bet when you first started looking you were very optimistic in landing a role…
You sent your CV across to all the jobs advertised on the job boards, or maybe you made a few tweaks to your CV according to the job spec…
Weeks went by, without landing any interviews or calls… your confidence has knocked back.
You’re probably thinking now… what am I doing wrong? I have tried everything…
Problem is… the job market is saturated… there are many people doing the same job…
But once you understand how to not only hunt for the right roles but also get headhunted using the power of the Fast Track Formula…
You will never struggle to find work again.

The Fast Track Coaching Programme is a private coaching program for Junior to Experienced professionals looking
to make their next career move.

How does it work?

CV CONSTRUCTION – Generic & Tailored

During our CV reconstruction, we will work closely together to create a brand new CV using the Fast Track CV Formula. I’ll make sure your CV speaks the same language of your ideal employers and instantly makes them want to bring you in for an interview


We will uncover the common mistakes in interviews and write down a script on how to tackle the most commonly asked questions in interviews. We will also walk through positioning yourself in an interview so you come across as a specialist in your field, to attract the employers.


We will practice interview questions via WebEx, where we will go through body language, tonality, and structure of story. We will also go through what type of questions; you must ask an interviewer. Remember this is a two-way process. I will give you live feedback on how you come across to whip you into shape.


You will gain lifetime access to the Fast Track Application Portal, which will show you step by step instruction on how to complete the full end to end process listed above.


You will have access to my email, should you have any questions throughout. I will also be there to help you through your contract rate/salary negotiations.

What You’ll Get:

In my (8-Week) Fast Track Coaching Programme, You’ll get:

  • A Fast Track Approved CV which will entice employers
  • A Fast Track Approved Linkedin Profile which will get you Headhunted
  • Confidence to be able to answer questions in interviews
  • A word for word script on what to say to employers to get the job offer
  • A contact list full of 1000’s of Recruiters and Employers
  • A strategy on how to Fast Track your Career

Here’s the key

Now is the time to accept what you are doing is not working… and that is ok…
When I started my career I was in the exact same position…
I will work with you and guide you through how the whole process works…

With the Fast Track Strategies, you are going to learn as part of this programme. You will
struggle to find work again.